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What makes you happy? What makes you come alive?

How would you like to spend your days?

Sometimes it feels like life is rushing by, with little or no time to pause and reflect on what matters most to you. Getting pulled and tugged this way and that by life’s demands is a common experience for many people. Unfortunately, it can leave you feeling like you’re not paying enough attention to what’s truly important to you — the things that make you feel whole.

Live your own life.

It’s time to redirect your life from within, become more decisive, prioritize, and feel happier. This is what you will learn to do when you sign up for my Mindful Style coaching program. Within 90 days, you will consistently give more attention to what matters most to you — those things that personally inspire you.

Our sessions will energize you and help you lead a life with added meaning and joy.

Meditation is good for you.

Research shows that both the brain and the body benefit from meditation: it stimulates positive emotions, boosts the immune system, increases empathy, relaxes the mind for creative pursuits, and helps you take the long view, when appropriate. The result is an improved ability to regulate emotions, make decisions, and capably handle the complex situations of everyday life.

In Mindful Style, you’ll see that meditation is not an arduous process but a practical activity that’s applicable to any busy life. In a nutshell, you don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to live in the present and to enjoy and benefit from inner stillness.

How I help you create your mindful style.

Knowing your direction and living in the present moment creates more balance and personal growth. Focus, awareness and balance bring out your inner-potential, which ultimately makes you a more effective person. Your passion, personal drivers, and insights create the essence of this coaching program.

Stay connected.

Soon, you will begin to socialize with others in a different, more engaging way. This has to do with the fact that you are becoming more self-aware. As an increasingly authentic and positive person, you will interact with people differently. Your relationship with yourself — and with others — will work on a noticeably deeper level. Your relationship with family, friends, community groups, and business teams will also improve.

Managers who want to better understand their roles in groups find this program especially effective when combined with the principles and practices of my executive coaching practice Executive Style.

Putting what you learn into practice.

The Mindful Style coaching program will help you to see situations more clearly, accept uncertainty, and adopt a happier approach to life. During this program, you will also answer personal questions and complete personal assignments. As mentioned, you will learn how to meditate and I will motivate you to do this on a regular basis.

Ultimately, each coaching session will help you to successfully apply any new insights you’ve gained to your personal life and to your work-life situations — no matter what profession you’re in or what vocation you have.

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